About us

DuraClear represents a new venture into the Clear PVC fittings and pipe market. This is a natural next step for a company that has tremendous experience in specialized connector and tubing manufacturing. The idea first came about a number of years ago from a sales and marketing perspective when it was noticeable that there were very few producers of clear pvc pipe and fittings, especially all “under one roof.” With exposure to compounding and direct manufacturing, as well as having injection molding machines, and extrusion lines in place; the journey into DuraClear started.

With countless trials, tremendous research, and collaboration within and outside the organization; the DuraClear line of clear PVC came to be. The end result is a vast catalog of clear fittings and pipe. Whether dealing in existing markets with food, beverage, or chemical systems (NSF version), or one where light exposure comes into play (UV version), DuraClear has an offering to meet the needs of all. Our full line of clear fittings and pipe are produced to have considerable impact and structural strength. With a unique line of furniture style fittings in clear (3-ways, 4-ways, 5-ways, T-L’s, T-caps) combined with all the traditional type of fittings; most anything can be built with DuraClear.