Clear PVC Specs

How is the DuraClear packaged?
We individually wrap or sleeve every fitting and every length of pipe. Can I glue the Duraclear pipe and fittings? Yes, there are a number of different clear glues, solvents and cements out there that will work with clear pvc products.

Why do the fittings/pipe cloud up when the glue is applied and is there a way to avoid this?
Through experimentation we have found that technique has more of an effect than the glue; though the medium body did appear to perform slightly better. Apply glue to the entire socket and about 75% of the pipe, and make the connection straight in with the joint. The pipe should NOT be twisted in the socket.

When the DuraClear pipe is cut, it leaves a tab or melted PVC on the inside? This never seems to happen with regular PVC pipe. Why?
Clear PVC does not have a number of abrasive components found in other common pipe, the specific gravity is lower, and there is no filler content. The clear pipe cuts “softer”.

Any suggestions for cutting the DuraClear?
We have found good results with a 90T blade (finishing), and although some residue gets inside, a quick wipe on the inside pops the “remainder” off clean. The end cut has been extremely smooth. We have also used a 24T wood blade, and this has come off free of any buildup. However, the blade must be dropped slower or it will result in chipping that we do not see at any speed on the finishing blade.

What lengths can I order the DuraClear pipe at?
The pipe can be ordered in 5 foot or 10 foot denominations. The cost listed on the website is for the full length, not by the foot.

If I need to order a large volume of pipe and/ or fittings, is there a volume discount?
When looking at pallet type quantities, (1,000+ feet) and multiples of fittings (100+), we can explore greater discount situations.

What is the difference between the NSF and UV versions of DuraClear?
The NSF version is approved for direct food, beverage, and laboratory handling; as well as potable water. The UV version has protection from indirect or filtered sunlight, and any interior lighting/ fluorescents.

Why is there a tint in the clear PVC?
DuraClear has a slight blue tint, while other clear PVC may have a purple or gray tone. The thicker the wall on the pipe, the “bluer” it will appear. In processing, a clear PVC would show a yellow cast without ANY toner or tint level. However, there is a “glass like” clarity to DuraClear pipe and fittings. It is ideal for any visual needs.

Can DuraClear pipe be bent, formed, or belled?
Yes, with the same techniques commonly used in bending standard pipe. The temperature for forming the translucent pipe may be slightly less than in standard or furniture grade pipe.